Changes on Northern Shores

Current global changes such as warming of the climate, biodiversity loss, human migration, space pollution etc. are huge, multilayered and complicated phenomena, and not at all easy to understand for those who are outside the researchers’ circle. Therefore it is challenging to find and put into effect sustainable solutions for the problems they create. Changes are global, but the problems they create are local. The CNS- network aims to make the changes in Northern areas visible and tangible by using art and science.

Global changes have already begun to modify also Northern societies and environment. Warming of the climate and seawater is proceeding even more rapidly in the North than in other areas. Pollution in the seas and the sky, excessive fishing, expanding traffic and extraction of natural resources hurt fragile nature. Environmental changes affect local communities and their livelihoods, producing gradual and rapid social, cultural, economic, and political changes.

The Nordic countries have variable geography and climate from the Danish dunes to the Norwegian fjords, from the Baltic Sea all the way up to the Arctic Ocean and Svalbard Islands. There are differences in fauna and flora as well as cultural variations. Consequently, the problems caused by global changes are dissimilar in different Nordic areas. Despite of differences, we share Nordic attitudes and values, and it is easy to work together, search for solutions, and share knowledge transparently. Changes on Northern Shores will outline and develop concepts for strengthening Nordic cooperation.

CNS is a network of artists and researchers working in the Nordic area. Their goal is to create informative exhibitions and events in the Nordic countries. The concept is flexible; artists and researchers find their way freely in contributing to exhibitions, meetings and through an informative website. The events, taking place in libraries, cultural centers, galleries, museums and universities, aim to create new viewpoints, open discussions and advance wise decisions in local communities in the Nordic countries and beyond.


The concept of Changes on Northern Shores was initiated by visual artists Liisa Kanerva and Kaisu Koivisto

The Changes on Northern Shores projects have been funded in 2019 – 2022 by the Nordic Culture Fund and in 2023 by Nordic Culture Point. The following CNS exhibitions and events have been realized: 2021 Nipå Gallery, Mariehamn; 2021 Greenlandic House, Copenhagen; 2022 Nordlyst Festival, Andøya; 2022-2023 Arktikum Museum and Science Centre, Rovaniemi.

For additional information: please contact a network member mentioned in the section Artists and Researchers.

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