Tiu Similä

  • Born 1960 in Finland, lived in Vesterålen islands in Northern Norway since 1988.
  • MSc degree from the University of Helsinki on Hydrobiology, studied also plant ecology and environmental science.
  • PhD at the University of Tromsø in 1997 on resource biology, thesis title: “Behavioral ecology of killer whales in Northern Norway”.
  • Studied killer whales 1987 – 2006
  • 2007 – 2015 worked with horse assisted therapy, work training and child care at an equestrian farm.
  • Since 2016 studying male sperm whales off the Vesterålen islands
  • Participated in establishing whale-watching in Norway and worked as naturalist and guide on tourist trips, expeditions and film productions.
  • Participated in several exhibitions about whales
  • Interested in working together with scientists from different fields and with people with other professions (artists and fishermen in particular).
  • In addition to scientific publications, author of two books about whales and of several popular science articles

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