Tulle Ruth

Tulle Ruth lives and works in Norway. Her practice can be described as sculpture in a very broad sense. She has her artistic training from Sweden, Norway, Canada and Denmark and has exhibited in many parts of Norway and abroad.

Her sculptures are often mobile and located at more or less unknown sites in public spaces, along the high way or in rural areas or in nature. Out from a personal, domestic and everyday life, Tulle Ruth asks questions about communication and existence in the society surrounding her.

Her artistic platform was shaped through the extended project Speaking Mountains, which enabled the seven famous mountains surrounding Bergen to speak and create stories. Later follows the Wind Powered Street Organ playing contemporary music as the wind blows. In an investigating and experimenting manner, “high and low” techniques are integrated, perfomative ingredients are often added, and not seldom the art pieces carry a humorous twist.

Outdoor Tulle Ruth always produces her own electricity from solar panels and wind turbine, and is completely off grid. Her latest show “Tracks on the way/Spor på vei” is a search and investigation into a particular clicking sound, that the reindeer makes with the lower leg joints as a part of their communication. The project touches scientific methods and reasoning and through collaboration with the indigenous sami people, Tulle Ruth can research the reindeer´s clicking through sound recordings and observations and learn from the sami, their culturel wisdom, knowledge and experiences with the reindeer and landscape.

In 2013 Tulle Ruth starts the gallery “Drive In of Sound Art” located at different sites along the high way. Any passing car driver can place the vehicle along the gallery, open the window and listen to a selection of artists. Since 2013 the project has expanded and presented more that fifty professional sound artists in the Nordic countries.


http://www.tulleruth.com (under re-construction)

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